SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training

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This three-day instructor-led SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training class is for end users and site owners/managers new to working in a SharePoint environment in Office 365. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries, basic page customization, working with forms and managing site permissions and users.


Module 1: SharePoint 365 SetupThis module explains how to set up SharePoint 365.
• SharePoint Online

Module 2: SharePoint 365 Introduction
• SharePoint Online
• Site Layout and Navigation
• Layout
• Navigation

Module 3: SharePoint List Basics
• Creating Apps Using List Templates
• Creating Lists
• Creating Lists Using List Templates
• List Columns
• Creating List Columns
• Column Validation
• Validating a List Column

Module 4: Library Basics
• Library Templates
• Creating Libraries
• Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
• Managing Documents and Versioning
• Checking Out Documents
• Deleting and Restoring Documents
• Versioning

Module 5: Working with Lists and Library Views
• Default Views
• Explore Default Views
• Custom Views
• How to Create a Custom View

Module 6: Working with Sites
• Site Templates
• Creating Sites
• Creating a Team Site
• Site Navigation
• Managing Site Navigation

Module 7: Page Content
• Wiki Library Pages
• Web Part Pages
• Creating a Web Part Page
• Working with Web Parts

Module 8: Site Columns and Content Types
• Site Column Gallery
• Creating Site Columns
• Site Content Type Gallery
• Creating Content Types

Module 9: Office Integration
• Outlook Integration

Module 10: Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
• SharePoint Groups
• Assigning Permissions
• Permissions Inheritance

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