Palo Alto Networks® – Traps: Install configure and manage

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Students should learn how Traps protects against exploits and malware-driven attacks. In hands-on lab exercises, students will install and configure the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) and Traps endpoint components; build rules; enable and disable process protections; and integrate Traps with Palo Alto Networks WildFire;, which provides prevention and detection of zero-day malware.


Module 1: Traps Overview
• How sophisticated attacks work today
• The design approach of Traps
• Traps components
• Traps resources
Module 2: Installing Traps
• Planning the installation
• Installing ESM Server and Console
• Installing Windows agents
• Installing Mac Agents
• Managing content updates
• Upgrading Traps
Module 3: Malicious Software Overview
• Basics of computer architecture
• Exploitation techniques and their prevention
• Malware techniques and their prevention
Module 4: Consoles Overview
• Introduction to ESM Console
• Introduction to the Traps Agent Console
Module 5: Traps Protection Against Exploits
• Architecture and EPMs
• Configuring exploit protection
Module 6: Traps Protection Against Malware (including WildFire)
• Malware protection process flow and components
• Post-detection malware anaylsis
Module 7: Managing Traps
• System monitoring
• Traps license administration
• Agent license administration
• Server settings, users, and roles
• Agent settings
• Agent actions
Module 8: Traps Forensics
• Forensics workflow and policies
• Responding to prevention events
• Logging
Module 9: Basic Traps Troubleshooting
• DIReC methodology
• Troubleshooting resources
• Working with technical support
• Troubleshooting installation, connectivity, and upgrades

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