Palo Alto Networks® – Firewall Troubleshooting

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Cyber Security
Palo Alto Networks®
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This course will enhance the participant’s understanding of how to troubleshoot the full line of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. Participants will receive hands-on opportunitàes to troubleshoot common problems related to the configuration and operation of the security features of the Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS operating system. Completion of this class will help participants develop an in-depth knowledge of how to troubleshoot visibilità and control over applications, users, and content.


• Module 1: Tools and Resources
• Module 2: CLI Primer
• Module 3: Packet Captures
• Module 4: Flow Basic
• Module 5: System Services
• Module 6: Flow Logic
• Module 7: Host-Inbound Traffic
• Module 8: Transit Traffic
• Module 9: SSL Decryption
• Module 10: Performance
• Module 11: User-ID
• Module 12: Escalation and RMAs

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