Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (2 Days)

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Virtualizzazione e Cloud
Microsoft Azure
2 Giorni
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Descrizione del corso

This two-day course will provide foundational level knowledge on core Azure concepts; core Azure services; core solutions and management tools; general security and network security; governance, privacy, and compliance features; Azure cost management and service level agreements. Note: This course provides an Azure pass and time for students to participate in hands-on labs. If you do not need hands-on experience, consider the AZ-900T01: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (1 day) course. The content for both courses align to the AZ-900 exam objective domain.


Module 1: Cloud Concepts

  • Introduction to Azure fundamentals
  • Fundamental Azure concepts

Module 2: Core Azure Services

  • Core Azure architectural components
  • Core Azure workload Products
  • Azure networking services
  • Azure storage services
  • Azure database services

Module 3: Core Solution

  • Choose the best Azure IoT service
  • Choose the best AI service
  • Choose the best Azure serverless technology
  • Choose the best tools with DevOps and GitHub
  • Choose the best management tools
  • Choose the best Azure monitoring service

Module 4: General security and networking features

  • Security Tools and Features
  • Secure Network Connectivity

Module 5: Identity, Governance, Privacy and Compliance

  • Core Azure identiy service
  • Azure Governance Methodologies
  • Privacy, Compliance, and Data Protection standards

Module 6: Azure Pricing and Lifecycle

  • Planning and Cost Management
  • Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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