Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks

CCNP Enterprise
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Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise
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The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1 course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to secure wireless network infrastructure and troubleshoot any related issues. You’ll learn how to implement and secure a wireless network infrastructure and use Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE), Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI), and Cisco Connect Mobile Experience to monitor and troubleshoot network issues. The course provides hands-on labs to reinforce concepts including deploying Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 3.5, Cisco Catalyst® 9800 Wireless Controller Release, Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.10, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) Center Release 1.2.8, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Release 10.5, Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) Release 8.0 features, and Cisco ISE Release 2.4. This course helps you prepare to take the 300-430 ENWLSI exam, one of the six 'enterprise concentration exams' that you can choose after 350-401 ENCOR exam to achieve the CCNP Enterprise certification. The 300-430 ENWLSI exam will be available on February 24, 2020.


  • Securing and Troubleshooting the Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Implement Secure Access to the WLCs and Access Points
  • Configure the Cisco WLC and Access Points for Secure Management
  • General Security Best Practices for Administrative Access to Cisco WLC
  • TACACS+ Flow with AAA
  • Cisco WLC Configuration for TACACS+ – Cisco AireOS
  • Configure Console Access to the Access Point – Cisco AireOS
  • Enable Secure Access for Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Examine a Built-In, Edit or Create an Admin Group
  • Configure Administrator User
  • Configure the Network for Access Point 802.1X Authentication
  • Configure Cisco ISE Server
  • Use Cisco DNA Center for Controller and AP Auto Install
  • SD-Access Wireless Architecture Components
  • Configure the Cisco WLC for SD-Access
  • Implement Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Configure Cisco WLC for SNMPv3
  • Add Access Points to Maps
  • Quick View of Access Points
  • Enhanced Client Information with Cisco ISE
  • Add Cisco ISE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Cisco CMX Overview
  • Add Network Devices and External Resources to Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Define Network Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Network Troubleshooting Methodology – Systematic Approach
  • Preparing for Network Failure
  • Structured Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Troubleshoot Access Point Join Issues
  • Troubleshoot CAPWAP Access Point Discovery Issues
  • Access Points Fail to Discover the Controller
  • Tools for Troubleshooting Access Point Discovery Issues
  • How Access Points Select Cisco WLC from Multiple Responses
  • Troubleshoot CAPWAP Access Point DTLS Issues
  • Troubleshoot DTLS Session Establishment Issues
  • Troubleshoot CAPWAP Access Point Join Issues
  • Set a Syslog Server for the Access Points
  • Tools for Troubleshooting Access Point Discovery Issues
  • Troubleshoot Access Point Joining Issues with Cisco DNA Center
  • Access Point and WLC Issues Detected by Assurance
  • Monitor the Wireless Network
  • Classify Rogue Access Points
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Secure Client Connectivity
  • Configure the Cisco WLC for Wireless Client 802.1X Authentication
  • Configure a RADIUS Server on the Cisco WLC
  • External RADIUS Server on FlexConnect
  • Configure a WLAN for 802.1X Authentication
  • Implement AAA-Based Wireless Security
  • Create a Policy Tag in the Cisco WLC
  • Configure the Wireless Client for 802.1X Authentication
  • Configure a Wireless LAN for FlexConnect
  • Configure a Wireless Profile Policy
  • Identity-Based Networking FlexConnect
  • FlexConnect VLAN Name Override
  • Implement Guest Services in the Wireless Network
  • Guest Access with Hotspot Guest Portals
  • Guest Access with Credentialed Guest Portals
  • Define the Guest User
  • Identity Stores and Attribute Sources
  • Guest User Database: Account Creation Method
  • Central WebAuth Versus Local WebAuth
  • Cisco ISE URL Redirection
  • Centralized Web Authentication
  • Wireless CWA Configuration
  • Cisco ISE Authentication Configuration
  • Configure the Cisco WLC for Centralized Web Authentication
  • Implement AAA Override
  • Configure Central Web Authentication on Cisco ISE
  • Implement BYOD
  • Cisco ISE: Authentication and Authorization Policies Supporting BYOD
  • Troubleshoot Client Connectivity
  • Describe Issues That Affect Client Performance
  • Monitor Wireless Clients
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting QoS in Wireless Networks
  • Configure the Cisco WLC to Support Voice Traffic
  • Optimize Wireless Utilization on the Cisco WLC
  • Implement Cisco AVC in the Wireless Network
  • Implement Multicast Services
  • Implement mDNS Service
  • Implement Cisco Media Stream
  • Troubleshoot QoS Issues in the Wireless Network
  • Troubleshoot mDNS Issues
  • Troubleshoot Media Stream Issues
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Advanced Wireless Network Services
  • Implement Base Location Services on Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Implement Hyperlocation in the Wireless Network
  • Implement Detect and Locate Services on Cisco CMX
  • Implement Analytics on Cisco CMX
  • Implement Presence Services on Cisco CMX
  • Monitor and Locate Rogue Devices with Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco CMX
  • Monitor and Detect Wireless Clients with Cisco CMX and Cisco DNA Center
  • Run Analytics on Wireless Clients
  • Troubleshoot Location Accuracy with Cisco Hyperlocation
  • Monitor and Manage RF Interferers on the Cisco WLC
  • Monitor and Manage RF Interferers on Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco CMX

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