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The CCSK Plus class builds upon the CCSK Foundation class with expanded material and extensive hands-on activities with a second day of training. Students will learn to apply their knowledge as they perform a series of exercises as they complete a scenario bringing a fictional organization securely into the cloud. This second day of training includes additional lecture, although student’s will spend most of their time assessing, building, and securing a cloud infrastructure during the exercises Corso erogato in collaborazione con CSA Cloud Security Alliance Italy


MODULO 1 – Introduction to Cloud Computing
• NIST definitions
• Essential characteristics
• Service models
• Deployment models
MODULO 2 – Infrastructure Security for Cloud
• Securing base infrastructure
• Management plane security
• Securing Virtual Hosts and Networks
• IaaS, PaaS, SaaS security
ESERCITAZIONE 1 – Core account security
• Secure root account
• Configure baseline security monitoring
ESERCITAZIONE 2 – Iam & monitoring in-depth
• Iam & entitlements
• Monitoring & alerting
MODULO 3 – Managing Cloud Security and Risk
• Risk and Governance
• Legal and Compliance
• Audit
• Data governance
ESERCITAZIONE 3 – Network & instance security
• Secure a virtual private cloud (VPC)
• Launch, Secure, and Connect to Instances
MODULO 4 – Data Security for Cloud
• Cloud Data Architectures
• Data Security and encryption
• CASB and Data Loss prevention
ESERCITAZIONE 4 – Encryption and storage security
• Encrypting an ebs volume
• Review your inspector findings
MODULO 5 – Securing Cloud Applications, Users and related technologies
• Application Security
• Identity and Access management
• Related technologies
ESERCITAZIONE 5 – Application security & federation
• Federate identity with openid
• Connect to a partner site via openid
MODULO 6 – Cloud Security operations
• What to look for in a cloud provider
• Security as a Service
• Incident response
ESERCITAZIONE 6 – Risk & provider assessment lab
• Evaluate a Cloud provider using CCM

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