Smart Working: How to manage a new way of working.

The introduction of Smart Working in our working lives has happened abruptly, leaving many unsettled. 

Smartworking has brought the topic of time and personnel management to the heart of corporate discourse, at a time when it is essential not to interrupt production processes.

Doubts have arisen about how to reorganize workflows, or how to manage employees engaged in an agile work activity. 
Many realities simply moved to a basic form of telework, that is different from Smart Working. The urgency of changing methods has led to choices dictated by necessity.

Now is the time to figure out how to integrate this way of working in a stable way. It is time to carefully analyze all the questions that have arisen and understand what the answers are. Smart Working is a potential yet to be discovered, which if exploited to the best, is able to give a valid alternative to more traditional work processes.

ITCore Group Response

Ours is a formative response.

We want to help businesses and employees take advantage of Smartworking, overcoming the initial challenges that this change most present.

To help you in this step, we have structured a smartworking management training plan that focuses on management issues (both for employees and for companies) regarding task planning, and the most suitable tools to meet a new type of need.

In this training process we address the main difficulties related to Smartworking by providing you with a sufficient solution on education to use this new way of working.

The route will focus on these aspects:

  • Smartworking Time Management.
  • Collaborative Communication Strategies and Tools.
  • Managing change from office to smartworking.
  • Using Collaboration and Telepresence Systems.
  • Cyber Security in Smart Working.

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