English Training Courses the vocal fitness method

English courses to speak like an English. The Vocal Fitness Method.

Learning is acquiring something new through experience. Experience is the memory we accumulate, and Vocal Fitness English courses take advantage of this concept.
Muscle memory applied to articulatory phonetics.

Steve Dapper, advertising speaker and coach, has developed and patented an educational method to learn the English language. The Vocal Fitness Method. 

A scientific and at the same time fun approach, which relies with the muscle memory of the affected body parts and teaches to speak with a native English pronunciation.

If you think about how you’ve learned English at school, you’ll remember the classic “listen and repeat”. There is a big difference though, in repeating a sound that you hear and knowing how that sound is originally generated.

The problems of our pronounce it’s due to the fact that we have always been teached how to “imitate” sounds in English, but never how to produce them.

Steve Dapper’s learning method is based on the articulatory phonetics. In his English courses, through a series of exercises, he emphasizes the physiological processes that train us at a certain pronunciation. These exercises are mechanical and focused on the positions of tongue, palate, nose, etc., to develop a type of memory that doesn’t depend on auditory memory.

How many times have you asked yourself “how do you say it in English…?” and in response you found the translation of the word you were looking for, but no indication of how to pronounce it correctly. Even phonetic indications only help those who know how to interpret them.

A Vocal Fitness English course includes part of the lessons dedicated to storing and producing sounds characteristic of English articulatory phonetics and exercises on how to memorize the positions taken to produce those sounds, and know how to use them on your own during speech.

Vocal Fitness courses can be enjoyed through a series of 90-minute online English lessons.

The Vocal Fitness course programs are modeled on different english application needs.

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