Developing and strengthening the empathic relationship with the client

  • Soft skills
  • Communication and Psychology
  • Soft skills
Soft skills
Communication and Psychology
Soft skills
2 days
No certification
Course description

Objectives: Raising awareness and control of your own assertive behaviors, improving the ability to manage the relationship with clients. Audience: Salesmen, representatives and those who are interested in developing a relationship of collaboration with the client. Venditori, agenti e tutti coloro interessati a sviluppare e consolidare un rapporto di collaborazione con il Cliente.

Course schedule

The principles of communication and human relationship
• The five axioms of human communication
• Communication principles

Analysis of human relationships
• Relationships and Ego states
• Transactional analysis
• Ego states, the OK- not OK matrix

The relationship with the client
• Motivations
• Interests
• Positions of openness
• Brand positioning
• Emotional marketing
• Purchase models
• Objectives
• Common behaviors

The structure of assertive behavior
• Assertive behaviors of giving and receiving
• What is assertiveness?
• Assertiveness forms
• Emotions
• Freedom of expression
• Respect of yourself and others
• Self-affirmation
• Anxiety and fear
• Self-image
• Thought

Assertiveness mapping
• The four different types of behavior in a relationship
• The search for the winning combination
• Levels
• Areas
• Behavioral mapping
• Areas applied to action and interlocutors
• Individual development areas

Verbal and nonverbal techniques
• Paraphrase
• Responding to objections
• Justification
• Ternary sentence
• Matching and mirroring
• The importance of talking about yourself and of saying no
• Questioning techniques
• Silence technique
• Active listening

Handling criticism
• Criticism and guilt
• Constructive criticism
• Dealing with guilt

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