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Systems Engineering
Postgre SQL
3 days
No certification
Course description

This course covers important aspects, on a basic and intermediate level, for developers that interact with PostgreSQL. The course is aimed at Java, PHP, Python, perl, .Net and other languages developers.

Course schedule

1. PostgreSQL- (with GIS group)
o Brief introduction to Postgresql
o Managing the database
o pgAdmin III – tool overview
o User management
o Permissions and security (organization of roles and accesses)
o Best practices:
o Permission management (grants, usage, …)
o Monitoring: connections, locks, invalid object errors
o Tools to manage the synchronization between the roles and groups of Active directory
o Particular data types (such as Itree)
o Scripting: psql, PL/pgSQL
o Constraints and rules
o Topics related to Client/Server (connections, plugin, drivers)
o Triggers (creation, maintenance, best practices)
o Sequences
o Extensions
o Extended features of PostgreSQL
o Tools and features for monitoring (auditing, controls, performances, query optimizer…)
2. LDAP authentication (PHP e JAVA)
o The topic that will be covered is the connection and the reading of data from a LDAP source through PHP and JAVA languages.
3. PostgreSQL in PHP (Apache)
o Connecting to database
o Programming examples

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