Skills development and retraining for the modern job market

If there is a backbone in the working relationship between entrepreneur and employee, it is certainly training. The only tool that can put us all in a position to face market changes in the best way. It is a culture based on continuous teaching in terms of skills development or retraining, whether in the presence […]

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Funded training and business growth opportunities

Companies have an opportunity: to raise the level of skills of their employees, strengthening their professionalism. Not everyone knows it but to finance staff training, companies have the right to access joint interprofessional funds, which were introduced by law 388/2000. Consequently, the payment of any sum of money is not necessary. Simply, contributions already counted […]

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Learning and Covid-19: how we faced the emergency

The moment we are all going through is certainly something singular and is revolutionizing everyone’s life. We were certainly not used to it, and the pandemic put a strain on each division. Even that of training has been hit hard. But it is precisely in times of crisis that we need to change and, even […]

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